Can’t think of a title so this is all you get…

My partner and I were walking home one night a week ago and when we passed the guitar store, she pointed out a bright pink ukulele in the window. The store was closed for the night, but I joked that I should buy it. I walked by on Tuesday by myself and it was still in the window and decided I was going to buy it. I walked into the store and was about to ask if I could try the pink ukulele but then I looked up and there was a whole row of them on the shelf in difference colors. I had been sold on the pink one but I noticed one in a really great shade of royal blue that I couldn’t pass up.

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with it a lot lately and really enjoying it. I spent hours today trying to make a decent recording of myself playing it. I finally got one but it had mistakes in it that my perfectionist self wanted to try again and again to do better. In the end, I settled on a video I had made hours before I stopped. It has flaws, and they feel realy glaring to me, but I’m posting it anyway, flaws and all, because trying to get it perfect a) wasn’t happening and b) is a ridiculous thing to hold myself.

The video is too large to upload directly here but I’m posting a link here to Youtube where I uploaded it earlier if you want to watch it.